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PacificMC BETA
Recruitment Open

Want to join our server to test it out before releasing it to the public? Our server is dedicated to having one of the BEST server in Minecraft. We have already tested it out and need more testing from our members. Criticize our work if you don't think something is right (Keep in mind we aren't changing the whole builds and just the ones that aren't right!). Any BETA members that disobey anything rules or requirement will be DROPPED from the BETA group with or without warning! If they continue to disobey server rules or requirements when the server launches will be PERMANENTLY BANNED! ONLY JOIN IF YOU CAN FOLLOW THE RULES!

What you get for being in the BETA:
You'll get the highest level rank possible in EVERY gamemode
Talk with the staff members
Play the unreleased server of course

You must do the following to participate:
Have good English spelling and grammar (Just for us to understand you)
Be active on server
Be nice to our staff and community
No inappropriate words
Report any known bugz
Have some kind of communication besides Email
You'll have to wait for about 48 hours upon sending the form to us because it takes a while for us to review and process your entry. If you aren't in with 48 hours contact our support team with your IGN, it is likely that your application has been declined. Do not spam us (this does not increases your chances of getting in AT ALL) because that will result in a PERMANENT BAN within the BETA and the public release of the server!
Other Types of Communication We Use (Recommend Using):
Maybe having more ways to communicate soon